Rebecca Fairbanks

A Cowgirls Sunny Side…

Cowgirl model Rebecca makes it look like a relaxed day as we explored Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, capturing these wonderful fashion photographs. For the photographer, Victor Banta, it was a busy 3 hour shoot! All the locations had been previously scouted and noted for lighting conditions WRT the Sun angle versus time of day.
Lady luck was with us, so that we could do a view shots in the canyon with the trees backlit allowing their golden yellow leafs to glow.There was some rock hopping down by the steam to find the perfect angle to shoot from. High contrast shade from the chicken coup and backlighting wrapping in from behind producing some of Victor’s favorite images from this shoot. The late afternoon Sun lit playtime with Dublin the horse. Then there was the magic light filtering in from between the cracks in the boards, producing from sensuous images.
Rebecca is a very talented model  that has the ability to move from one beautiful pose to another. Her wonderful positive attitude makes her easy to work with!
All photos captured in 2017 using a Canon 5D mark IV. Locations: Horseshoe Bend, Idaho area, USA.