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Worldwide Commercial Photographer Victor Banta, provides beautiful marketing and advertising images for all your commercial photography needs. With a studio in Hell, Michigan USA and dual residency in the Fort Myers, Florida area, Victor is available for clients worldwide. With all our commercial photography, we work with our clients to understand their products or services they want to take to market. VB Commercial Photography then creates interesting images that capture the viewer’s interest. As part of our commercial photography service, we contribute valuable marketing ideas that help you to sell your products and services.

With artistic influences from The University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography and photographer’s such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Harold Jones (one of Victor’s professors)  plus over 30 years experience as an Infrared Remote Sensing Specialist (ECE and MSEE degrees from The University of Arizona), commercial photographer Victor Banta, will be a wonderful addition to your marketing and advertising team.

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Email us at:  Info@VBCommercialPhotography.com

Please contact us for information regarding Senior Portraits, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, or Model-Actor Portfolio Photography services.

Enjoy this Danny James Music Video, Directed by Victor Banta, filmed by Aly C-B.