Aerial Drone

Aerial Drone Photography provides a unique vantage point unlike photography from the ground. From an airborne photography platform (we use airplanes and/or drones), we provide views from above allowing you to see a much larger area with less obstructions by trees and buildings.


Aerial images are wonderful additions to web sites, board of directors meetings, corporate overviews, and presentations. Aerials are great marketing and advertising visuals for automotive dealerships, music festivals, county parks, nature preserves, sporting events, and more.

Aerial photographs are also ideal for commercial real estate and residential real estate, providing an excellent view of the property layout in a single image, giving your client a more compelling and interesting perspective.

At Victor Banta Photography we strive to optimize our aerial photo missions to create images that show the buildings, property, and/or events in the best possible light. Our aerial photography services can be used to feature real estate, public and community events, sporting events, concerts, music festivals, historic once in a lifetime events, and more.

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